Purchasing or selling a house is a major event in one's life and your attorney should treat it as such. The Law Office of Allison M. Ramos will carefully handle all the paperwork, review the title search and ensure you have clear title to your home. We will make certain there are no title defects, property violations or liens. You can feel confident that we will handle your transaction with intelligence and professionalism necessary to get the closing done right.     

Thinking of buying a home? It's never too early to contact us! With over 14 years experience in real estate, we can help put you in touch with the right professionals to fit your needs - from realtors to mortgage specialists, we have many valuable contacts in this industry.

The Law Office of Allison M. Ramos also represents major lending institutions in purchases and refinances, such as Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, TD Bank, Evolve Bank & Trust, and others.  If you don't know where to turn for a mortgage, ask us! We can even put you in touch with a loan officer who can handle all the paperwork for you and custom tailor a loan to meet your needs.


Chapter 7:   Make a Fresh Start! When it comes to Bankruptcy, many people don't know that they most likely WILL be able to keep their home, their car, their bank accounts, and their income, while wiping out their unwanted credit card debt, judgments and medical bills, and put an end to the wage garnishment. We can take care of all of this for our clients, and give them a fresh start.

The laws have changed! You may qualify even if you have equity in your home, cars or have cash accounts!!

Chapter 13: Get Back on Track! Even if you do not qualify for a Chapter 7, we are able to arrange a Chapter 13 payment plan, whereby a portion of the debt is repaid, through the Plan, over a period of years. If your debts are becoming overwhelming, and you are being harrassed by creditors, I will prepare your Bankruptcy filing and get you IMMEDIATE relief from creditors frozen bank accounts and wage garnishment.


A brief overview of the Recent Bankruptcy Law changes are below:

OLD (2005):                                                                 NEW: (2016)
Car - $2,400 per person                                          $   4,500 per person                      

House - $50,000 per owner on title                       $150,000 per owner

Cash/household - $5,000 total                               $ 10,000 total 

There is also a new $12,000 federal wild card exemption that was not previously available!! This will enable clients to save items like cars, boats, campers and other personal belongings that previously might have been lost to the Trustee (to be sold and given to pay creditors).
This move will surely make filing Chapter 7 easier for many Long Islanders, who may not have been able to take advantage of Bankruptcy protection before, for fear of losing their home or car. It will allow creative attorneys to help more clients face their financial crises and get a fresh start in the economy.


When served with a Foreclosure Summons and Complaint, many homeowners are scared and confused. The Law Office of Allison M. Ramos will be there to work with your lender to negotiate a loan modification. We will vigorously work to stop the sale of your home and get your loan modified. While negotiating the loan modification WILL NOT stop a foreclosure sale, the banks are MUCH MORE likely to postpone a sale while your attorney is negotiating with them. The Banks are FINALLY beginning to understand the plight of homeowners on Long Island and they are willing to work with our Law firm to help our clients achieve a more affordable mortgage payment and keep their home!